How to Increase Your Trade Show Marketing ROI

If you are planning to promote your business at a trade show, there are many ways to increase your tradeshow marketing ROI. One of the most effective ways is to hand out single-sheet flyers addressing different aspects of your product, functionality, or applications. These single-sheets will help you answer frequently asked questions and highlight the most common uses for your product. You can also hand them out to your booth’s sales representatives to give out to attendees.

You should first determine the goals and objectives of your trade show marketing strategy. You can also use data collected at a previous event to determine which trade show attendees are your target market. For instance, if you’re aiming for website sign-ups, you can use data from Google Analytics or CRM to measure the results of your trade show presence. If you’re looking for social media engagement, you’ll want to track your presence on social media sites as well. The most effective trade show marketing strategy will include at least three of these metrics:

Trade show booths should be welcoming to attendees. Avoid putting a table across the front of your booth, as this will close the space and discourage people from coming in. Instead, make your booth welcoming by setting up different stations that educate potential customers about your company. Make sure you follow-up with all of your leads. Your website is also an essential component of trade show marketing. It helps you generate more leads. It’s also important to have a good website to convert leads into customers.

While trade show leads are a great source of business, it’s essential to follow up with them after a tradeshow to ensure the best results. In fact, 84% of consumers will make a purchase after learning more about your product through a trade show. To make sure you don’t lose any potential customers, create a lead database in your CRM and build an effective CRM to track all your leads. You’ll be glad you did.

Make sure you send out emails at least six to eight weeks before the show. By this time, many attendees are finalizing their travel plans and arranging accommodations. During this time, announce where your booth will be located and what time you plan on being there. It’s also a good idea to mention the time and location of your booth, and softly express your desire to touch base. In addition to mailing your leads, you can also provide them with a link to register for free if the show is offering them a limited number of passes.

The right promotional plan should include pre-show activities, at-show tactics, and post-show strategies. You should also consider the time required to set up and break down your booth. If you’re exhibiting in a new product pavilion, it’s worth the extra time to enter the awards. It’s also a good idea to participate in industry-specific expos for brand awareness, partnerships, networking, and lead generation. Each type of trade show has its own unique benefits, so choose the best one to fit your needs and objectives.

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