Designing an Eye-Catching Trade Show Booth

How long can you bear staring at four walls of graphic paneling or banners before tuning them out? Engaging attendees requires creating an atmosphere in your booth that provides visual appeal as well as engaging elements.

Careful hierarchical design helps prioritize images and messaging that resonate most strongly with your audience, creating a captivating booth display that stands out from the pack.


Lighting can set the right atmosphere and bring out the design elements of your booth, drawing attendees in and drawing out its best features. Colored lights are one effective way to grab visitors’ attention and add flare. Color can evoke different feelings; green and blue lights may convey professionalism while yellow-orange hues create an energetic appearance.

Smart lighting solutions allow exhibitors to personalize their displays, changing brightness and color of lighting throughout an event based on presentations or times of day, increasing visitor engagement while making sure your message reaches everyone at just the right moment.

Highlighting key products or messaging to keep attendees engaged and create an unforgettable experience. Strategically lighting these items with spotlights draws their attention and raises their significance, expanding brand recognition.

Graphics and Messaging

Attract attendees by making your booth visually appealing and creating clear messaging – these factors are the cornerstones of trade show success!

Fonts that are easy to read should be used when designing booth graphics, since using too many different fonts could cause confusion and hinder legibility. You should also try not to overcrowd one graphic with too much information – this will only serve to create clutter and make comprehension of text difficult.

Custom point-of-purchase displays are an effective way to promote your company’s products and services to potential clients without impeding traffic flow. SEG graphics add an elegant, modern aesthetic that can be wall-mounted or suspended – some even come equipped with built-in lighting elements to help make branding stand out!


Trade shows are valuable platforms for industry leaders to showcase products and interact with prospective clients, but the return on investment for attending one is determined by how attendees respond to your brand. Booth design plays a crucial role here – as it impacts how attendees experience your exhibit at any trade show.

Effective space utilization is key to drawing in attendees and maintaining their attention at an event. To maximize space, consider modular elements that can be resized according to exhibit needs, or utilize back walls for branding and messaging so your brand’s presence is seen from every area of the booth, creating an inviting atmosphere and encouraging longer interactions – not to mention improving recognition!


An attractive trade show booth that clearly communicates your messaging will draw attendees in. Bold colors, unique layouts and striking imagery that aligns with your branding and key selling points will help your booth to stand out among its competition.

On average, you have only seconds to grab an attendee’s attention and draw them into your booth. Make your message as effective as possible using clear fonts and large eye-catching graphics visible from 20 feet or further away.

Modular systems like beMatrix provide a versatile display solution, easily tailored to meet the specific requirements of any exhibit. Choose from an assortment of modules including towers, counters and semi-private meeting areas for a customized look and take advantage of lighting or accessories as needed for optimal exhibit results.


Accessories may seem like an unnecessary cost when creating your booth design, but they can often significantly boost ROI. For instance, fabric overlapped iPad kiosks allow you to brand your booth while offering visitors engaging activities that allow you to follow-up after the show has concluded – such as quizzes or surveys that allow them to participate.

Easter egg hunts can be an excellent way to draw more visitors to your booth. Before the show, scatter postcards with clues leading back to your booth in various spots around the venue and reward those who find one with contact details and samples or prizes.

Make the most of all available space on your booth walls to brand and message, but be wary of using too many fonts as this can hinder legibility and comprehension.

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