Product Launch Announcements and Updates

Product launch announcements and updates can increase customer engagement on your website, app, or service – but communicating these new features effectively may prove challenging.

Focus on your client. Apple excels at this. Their product release email is clear, uncluttered and accessible to their clientele.

1. Sending a Teaser Email

Preparing to launch a product requires creating anticipation in your email list. One effective way is sending teaser emails; these should be brief yet engaging, featuring images or short videos, along with links so your subscribers can learn more.

If you’re launching a new product line, for example, consider sending out emails featuring GIFs that showcase high-resolution images of these items, with a CTA that leads readers directly to your website where they can learn more and pre-order.

As part of your product launch strategy, sending multiple teaser emails before the main announcement can build anticipation and ensure it doesn’t get lost amongst other emails. In addition, this approach provides you with an effective means of segmenting and personalizing their experience for subscribers.

2. Sending a Follow-Up Email

Product announcement emails inform subscribers about an upcoming or newly released product, building anticipation and hope, driving sales. A successful product announcement email should go beyond simply informing clients about your offering – it must demonstrate how it meets clients’ pain points while sparking their interest.

Use images to bring your products alive in an engaging and creative manner. Insert multiple, high-quality, resized images into your newsletters for maximum impact and make use of vibrant colors to draw the eye of readers quickly. Applying Apple’s three-act rule with their iPhone launch announcement also aids readers digest information quickly.

Personalizing email subject lines and content to make subscribers feel special will create an air of exclusivity that increases loyalty. Furthermore, including social media icons allows your subscribers to share the news among their networks – Paul Smith utilized this technique when announcing their Manchester shop while Hulu included one month free trials as part of their product announcement emails.

3. Sending a Pre-Order Email

As your product launch nears, use email lists to generate urgency and exclusivity among potential buyers. By sending pre-order emails you can provide early access to your new product to loyal customers while offering special incentives or discounts in order to drive conversions.

Pre-order emails can be an effective way to promote any product ranging from physical goods and online services, such as those provided by ALDO. They have included full details for their product as well as images and calls-to-action that make pre-ordering easy.

Approaches that capitalize on scarcity can be highly effective at driving consumer value; people tend to place greater value on scarce things. As the email states, now is your opportunity to be one of the first people to get our latest [product type] and improve your life! [Click here for pre-ordering].

4. Sending a Post-Launch Email

As part of your product launch period, it’s vitally important that your subscribers remain engaged. Reminding people about your new app, website or feature through multiple email campaigns increases sales by reminding people about it and increasing your chances of conversion.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective digital strategies for promoting an information product like an ebook or event ticket, such as MailerLite’s email automation workflow builder. By crafting an irresistibly attractive bulk email campaign that drives sales for your products and generates hype among potential customers, email marketing remains one of the best digital strategies.

The first email is a join the waitlist email that prompts subscribers to sign up for product release notifications and introduces subscribers to new features, while providing details about them and a link for pre-ordering the product. In a second step, an announcement email highlighting an upcoming software tool for code-savvy designers features visual images to grab their attention and offer free trials of this new software tool.

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