The Power of Marketing Utility

The power of marketing utility lies in providing consumers with useful products or services. This type of marketing is most effective when consumers can rely on the product or service indefinitely. Here are some ways to make your marketing utility more effective. Listed below are some of the top reasons to use utility-driven marketing. We hope these examples will inspire you to consider the benefits of utility-driven marketing. Let’s look at each of these three reasons to use utility-driven marketing.

Consumer demand varies according to season. For example, during summer months, consumers may want cold beverages. In winter, they may want to buy hot chocolate, dry fruits, or other items. Some products, however, have a year-round utility. These products and services need to be readily available to consumers. This means businesses should make sure to offer them whenever they’re needed. Providing them with easy access to products and services online is also a good way to market utility.

While utility marketing is an excellent way to promote a new product or service, it may not always work. The concept can come off as gimmicky or disingenuous, and sometimes it may only work for a particular product launch or a specific problem. For example, Audi may have been guilty of utility marketing with its Start-Stop app. However, if your utility campaign is useful for a general audience, it will likely be effective.

Utility marketing is another way to improve customer loyalty. By creating an app or service that meets a consumer’s need, brands are able to build deeper bonds with their customers. A good example of this type of marketing is the Adidas Fitness App, which not only offers useful information to women, but also sells the brand’s lifestyle. While most brand marketing focuses on interrupting or entertaining consumers, utility marketing puts the customer first and offers a service that will benefit them for a long period of time.

Utility marketing is an excellent method to reinforce the customer bond and drive sales. It also creates strong brand loyalty among targeted segments, and can enhance the company’s value through brand association. By identifying optional applications for a product or service, it can help companies connect with a customer’s needs and interests, making it more likely to earn repeat business and customer loyalty. Aside from strengthening the customer bond, utility marketing can also boost a company’s brand image. When consumers associate your brand with a service, the entire brand becomes an instant solution.

Place utility is the value customers lay on a place. For busy consumers, convenience is crucial and place utility enables brands to provide that convenience. By establishing stores, brands can generate place utility, which can be an effective market differentiator. A store’s location is its greatest asset, as it offers consumers an opportunity to buy more products than at another location. The importance of convenience cannot be understated. This type of utility can be created through strategic placement, location, and product placement.

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