Three Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020 and Beyond

Keeping up with the latest marketing trends is an ongoing challenge. As the business landscape evolves at the speed of light, new technologies and trends emerge and quickly transform the way businesses do business. The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, changed the face of hybrid and virtual business landscapes, affecting online traffic. But while keeping up with these changes may be daunting, staying ahead of the curve is essential to maintaining relevance with your audience. Here are three key marketing trends to watch in 2020 and beyond.

In 2022, marketing will undergo significant changes. To stay ahead of the competition and meet the needs of today’s consumers, brands must remain relevant and innovative. With so many channels available for marketing today, keeping up with these changes can help you improve your marketing strategy and stay on top of your competitors. Here are the latest marketing trends to help you stay ahead of the curve. We’ve broken them down into Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Virtual events are another trend to keep an eye on. In 2018, virtual events proved a great way to engage leads and customers. Whether attendees are in the same room or not, the technology allowed businesses to host virtual events, allowing the entire team to attend the event virtually. As more people are working from home, a virtual event provides a convenient and flexible way to conduct business. Moreover, the real-time stream allows viewers to see and hear what the brand stands for in real time.

In 2022, the prevalence of cryptocurrencies will continue to grow. Although only a small portion of the U.S. population uses cryptocurrency, accepting it could help brands attract new customers. However, this strategy can only be effective if the demographic targeting your audience is right. If you’re already using these trends, the good news is that you still have a year before Google decides to phase out third-party cookies. So, stay ahead of the curve.

Despite the fact that social media has become an essential part of the consumer journey, retailers and brands alike are experimenting with new methods of reaching out to consumers. For example, “Shop Local” campaigns have gained popularity, and retailers experimenting with social commerce have benefited. For example, the clean skincare brand Plant Mother saw a 1280% increase in referral traffic and 100% revenue increase in November 2021. Similarly, brands that have a purpose behind their products will be more successful.

Augmented reality is a rapidly growing trend that will be used to improve the customer experience. Companies such as Nike have filed trademarks for virtual branded apparel. Coca-Cola has also introduced four different NFTs. Gucci has created a virtual garden on the website Roblox, which lets users explore themed rooms in VR and purchase items worth up to $4,000. Combined with the other latest marketing trends, augmented reality promises to be the next big thing.

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